FAQ Regarding Warehouses

Q.What is the fee structure for the use of warehouse?
A.It depends on what we handle, but basically it includes storage fees, inbound and outbound fees, handling fees, and occasionally it costs delivery fees.
Q.How do you calculate storage fees?
A.We have “one-month three-term system” in which one month is divided into 10 days and “one-month one-term system” that divides one month into one. Please contact us for details.
Q.Could you give me a cost estimate?
A.Please contact us. Our sales staff will ask you for details and give you a cost estimate.
●Contact 045-201-1551 (To Sales Department)
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Q.What are the business hours?
A.There are differences in each warehouse, generally it is 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Q.Is it possible to ask for shipping at last minute?
A.Technically, we take orders by the day before. If it is during business hours, we will respond to emergency shipments depending on the situation.
Q.Is it possible to go in the warehouse when I want to check the products?
A.Yes. If you contact us in advance during business hours, you can check the products in the warehouse with our employees.
Q.What security measures do you take?
A.Employees are always stationed in the warehouse during business hours. And outside business hours, we use a security system by a security company.
Q.What kind of products can you store?
A.We have various experiences of handling from food products to industrial products.
Please contact our sales department.
●Contact 045-201-1551  (To Sales Department)
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