100 years of history is proof of our accomplishments.

Taking the next step towards the future.
2018 was our 100-year anniversary.
We keep moving forward as pioneers of warehousing, meeting the needs of our customers.

Three types of warehouses with different equipment

With low temperature, refrigerated, and freezing equipment, we provide the best environment to keep your products at a high quality.

We are looking at new possibilities for our future.
With our experience and knowledge, we are looking at the future.

Our accomplishments and beliefs will expand the possibilities of warehousing businesses from one of the Japan’s leading international trading ports, The Port of Yokohama.

We store a variety of products.

From coffee beans, spices, to the ingredients of supplements and cements.

We stick to the basics of warehousing.
We provide the best optimal management for each product with different features.

We deal with a variety of goods from food to industrial products; store them in the quality-controlled environment and deliver them to customers.

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We build strong relationships with our customers and operate securely.


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